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Central Monitoring System (CMS)

SGVI manages widely-dispersed VLTs through the CMS, custom configured by SGVI to the requirements of each jurisdiction. The CMS enables SGVI to monitor VLTs, record all VLT meter data collection, calculate revenue share for the Government, SGVI, and all video lottery Retailers, produce all necessary financial reporting, and track game play (all of which can be monitored by the Government on its CMS monitor). SGVI customer support and technical personnel are trained on the various applications of the CMS and will train Government regulators as well.

SGVI Central Monitoring System

The CMS operates using a Microsoft suite of products and is capable of efficient installation and use in a variety of computing environments. The CMS is highly scalable, and can directly connect VLTs to a dedicated server in locations where more than 20 VLTs are in operation. SGVI pays all licensing fees associated with the CMS and does not pass any of this cost on to the Government or to video lottery Retailers.

The real-time monitoring and reporting functions of the CMS deliver financial and operating visibility that provides SGVI, in consultation with the Government, the ability to continuously evaluate and recalibrate the video lottery operations based on highly-specific data. Through the CMS, the Government and SGVI can identify strong- and weak-performing locations, machines, and games themselves. This data allows decision-makers to determine (i) when to introduce new games or updated game versions, (ii) those retailers that could promote video lottery more effectively or require additional training, (iii) those locations that are and are not prepared for expansion of VLT operations, and (iv) when to launch targeted promotions or awareness campaigns. Among the key reports available through the CMS include:

  • Weekly Revenue reports, reflecting revenue shares for the Government, the video lottery Retailers, and SGVI;
  • VLT meter readings, reflecting all data collected from VLTs in the field on a real-time basis; and
  • Device management, reflecting the location and operational status of all VLTs in the field.

Fully Auditable

All mechanical and electronic components of the VLTs that generate and store the raw data are secured within the machine and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

The accuracy and effectiveness of the reporting of the CMS has been tested by SGVI's independent auditors, and serves as the basis for financial reporting of VLT revenues to all parties. The CMS is connected to SGVI's central facilities and the Government's monitoring terminal via the Internet. All data traffic originated from a VLT location is transported through a local broadband or other connection through an Ethernet-facilitated encryption that can only be decrypted after passing through SGVI's IT firewalls.

Southland Gaming Testimonial

"On behalf of the faculty & bstaff, administration and students of Ivanna Eduora Kean High School, we take this opportunity to say thank you for the generous contribution you made to our school in the 2007-2008 school year."

Kurt Marsh, Jr.
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