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Reduction in Illegal Gambling

Video lottery has been successful in controlling the spread of illegal gaming operations because the reliability and fairness of the SGVI video lottery system, along with a higher winning percentage, significantly reduced demand for less reliable, less fair illegal gaming. Studies have shown that tens of millions of dollars of unregulated, untaxed illegal gaming in the U.S. Virgin Islands has been replaced by fair, legal, regulated video lottery that provides millions of dollars of annual revenue to the Government. Revenue from the traditional lottery increased dramatically following the introduction of the government-regulated video lottery platform, attributable in part to the significant reduction in illegal electronic gaming and illegal lottery ticket sales and the migration of players to legal games. The introduction of a properly designed and operated video lottery program adds credibility and awareness of government lottery products in general which aids in the increase play of traditional lottery games.

  • American Gaming Association
  • National Council on Problem Gambling
Southland Gaming Testimonial

"I am convinced that my staff and I are much better prepared to manage the task of improving police services throughout the Virgin Islands because of public support, and outstanding private citizens and corporate entities like you."

Elton Lewis
Virgin Islands Police Commissioner

Southland Amusements, Parrot Club and Crown Bay Gaming